2018 PORAC Scholarship Winners


Bay Area Chapter
Jason Wentz, President


Sienna Dunakin
Currently attending:
Ohio State University
PORAC member:
Mark Dunakin, Oakland POA (EOW: March 21, 2009)
Parents: Mark and Angela Dunakin


Alexis Massey
Graduated from:
Los Gatos High School
PORAC member:
William Massey, San Mateo County OSS
Parents: William Massey and Andrea Westrum


Allyson McBroom
Graduated from:
Freedom High School
PORAC member:
Tarra Mendes, Antioch PMA
Parents: Tarra and Aureliano Mendes


Nathen Welch
Graduated from:
Dixon High School
PORAC member:
Shawn Welch, Contra Costa County DSA
Parents: Shawn and Deborah Welch


Central Coast Chapter
Roger Winslow, President


Alexandra Fraser
Currently attending:
Washington State University
PORAC member:
Kevin Fraser, Santa Clara POA
Parents: Kevin and Michelle Fraser


Cody Paresa
Graduated from:
Monte Vista Christian High School
PORAC member:
Michael Paresa, Santa Clara County DSA
Parents: Michael and Gail Paresa


Northern Chapter
Ron Jacobson, President


Valerie Hogg
Graduated from:
Vacaville High School
PORAC member:
Dale Hogg, Vacaville POA
Parents: Dale Hogg and Jackie Powell-Hogg



Central California Chapter
Anthony Gomez, President


 Mikaela Garces
Graduated from:
San Joaquin Memorial High School
PORAC member:
Max Garces, Clovis POA
Parents: Max and Sonia Garces


North Valley Chapter
Pat McNelis, President


Caitlyn Harney
Graduated from:
Foothill High School
PORAC member:
Eric Harney, Redding POA
Parents: Eric and Angelee Harney


South San Joaquin Chapter
Ryan Maxwell, President


William Diltz
Graduated from:
Redwood High School
PORAC member:
William Diltz, Visalia PMA
Parents: William and Karen Diltz


Valley Chapter
Steve Walker, President


Jared Renberg
Graduated from:
Calaveras High School
PORAC member:
Terry Renberg, San Joaquin County DSA
Parents: Terry and Julie Renberg


Nevada Chapter
Rich Tiran, President


William Ames
Graduated from:
McQueen High School
PORAC member:
William Ames, Washoe County SSDA
Parents: William Amesand Connie Harper



Los Angeles North Chapter
Max Gonzalez, President


Morgan Egan
Graduated from:
San Dimas High School
PORAC member:
Matthew Egan, Glendora PMA
Parents: Matthew and Andrea Egan


Victoria Real
Graduated from:
Warren High School
PORAC member:
Francisco Real, Baldwin Park PA
Parents: Francisco and Flor Real


Samantha Solis
Graduated from:
James A. Garfield High School
PORAC member:
Art Solis, L.A. School POA
Parents: Art and Sylvia Solis


Tri-Counties Chapter
Mary-Linda Arroyo, President


Allison Fenske
Graduated from:
Orcutt Academy High School
PORAC member:
Matthew Fenske, Santa Barbara County DSA
Parents: Matthew Fenske and Brenda Coron


Lindsey Weitzman
Graduated from:
Dos Pueblos High School
PORAC member:
Gregg Weitzman, Santa Barbara County DSA
Parents: Gregg and Tootie Weitzman




Inland Chapter
Marcelo Blanco, President


Cassey Poole
Currently attending:
Abilene Christian University
PORAC member:
John Poole, Upland PMA
Parents: John and Kim Poole


Vanessa Mercado
Graduated from:
Martin Luther King High School
PORAC member:
Paul Mercado, Corona POA
Parents: Paul and Diana Mercado


Jessica Naranjo
Graduated from:
Yucaipa High School
PORAC member:
Gary Naranjo, Ontario POA
Parents: Gary and Karie Naranjo


Orange County Chapter
Christopher Karrer, President


Amanda LaRochelle
Graduated from:
Esperanza High School
PORAC member:
Richard LaRochelle, Anaheim PMA
Parents: Richard and Kimberly LaRochelle


San Diego/Imperial Chapter
Bryan Zmijewski, President


McKenna Rodi
Graduated from:
Mountain Valley Academy
PORAC member:
Joseph Rodi, San Diego County DSA
Parents: Joseph and Cynthia Rodi


Alyssa Stoney
Graduated from:
Scripps Ranch High School
PORAC member:
Brian Stoney, La Mesa POA
Parents: Brian and Cindy Stoney


Bob Valladon, Chairman


Diana Sawan
Graduated from:
Northgate High School
PORAC member:
Panya Sawan, RAM (Ret. Oakland POA)
Parents: Panya Sawan and Anita Mills