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Capitol Beat – Governor Unveils 2017–2018 Budget Proposal

Aaron Read and Randy Perry Legislative Advocates Aaron Read & Associates, LLC Governor Jerry Brown’s first major action this year was his January 10 unveiling of the 2017–2018 California budget declaring the ambiguous state of our economy. “We’re in very uncertain times,” he said. “We’re very subject to a lot of unpredictability.” With that said, […] Read More »

An Open Letter to Congressman Lacy Clay

PORAC understands that members of the U.S. House of Representatives are asked to select artwork created by students in their districts to be displayed in the United States Capitol. The idea is to recognize the talents and achievements of young constituents, and promote artistic expression and discussion. It has not been seen as a way […] Read More »

An Offensive Painting is Removed

Missouri Congressman, Lacy Clay, sparked a controversy when he decided to hang an obviously offensive painting from a local art contest on the walls of the United States Congress[…] Read More» Read More »