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President’s Message

I understand that many of us are hearing about AB 953 and the RIPA Board on a continual basis. The regulations that are being proposed to the Department of Justice are mind-boggling. With that said, in the coming weeks or month we should have the initial regulations before all of us from Attorney General Becerra. PORAC has had several frank conversations with him about the proposed regulations. Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

For years now, pension reform has been a popular topic on newspaper editorial pages and talk radio. In California, the pension reform discussion is often accompanied by an avalanche of alarming statistics and doomsday predictions. Massive numbers are tossed around to suggest the state is ready to sink beneath the weight of unfunded pension debt. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

Your Executive Committee recently returned from its biannual pilgrimage to our nation’s capital. Last year around this time we were dealing with an upcoming election, so there was a whole lot of posturing going on. Unfortunately, the posturing did not work for the Democrats, since they lost the presidency and the Republicans kept control of both the House and Senate. Read More »

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