From the Leadership

President’s Message

In early February, your PORAC Board of Directors met in Sacramento to address the many issues before them, including several bills related to peace officer transparency (in response to SB 1286, which PORAC and other law enforcement groups killed last year); school safety; penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana or alcohol; as well as a possible fix to AB 953, the Racial Identity Profiling Act (RIPA). Read More »

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Vice President’s Message

In my nearly two decades as a police officer, I’ve taken hundreds of people into custody. But never have I done so to explore the arrestee’s immigration status. In practicing good tactics, the most important task for any officer when arresting someone is to secure the handcuffs quickly and safely to ensure a smooth transport to jail with minimal drama. Politics never enters the process. Read More »

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Treasurer’s Message

Wow, it seems like yesterday that we were exchanging gifts and making new year’s resolutions. Yet here we find ourselves, in the process of gathering receipts and preparing tax returns. However, some of you may be ahead of the game, have filed your returns early, and are putting your money to some constructive use or are preparing a payment plan. Read More »

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